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With over 300 successful companies and more than 50,000 users, Safety Dashboard has a large customer base in Safety and Quality Management, Environmental, Health & Safety Software industry. Safety Dashboard is flexible & known as a SHEQ management software tool used in many industries. Our customers cover a wide variety of industry types. From the small companies to the top Fortune 500 companies. All customers choose Safety Dashboard for its easy to use interface, platform approach, flexibility and simple dashboards. Below is a list of some of our customers from different industries.

Successful companies
Safety Dashboard is used by a large number of companies in the process & manufacturing industry. Companies that make and produce the raw materials and products that drive the global economy. Those companies need an EHS management system to comply with regulations, meet and exceed local and global environmental and safety standards. Safety Dashboard will give you a real-time dashboard with one central overview of all actions. Actions from audits, near misses, incidents, safety observations, complaints, risk- and other improvement measures. As a result, the smart EHS management software tool will help your company comply with international standards. Standars such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18000 etc.

Easy reporting creates insight at a glance

With the Safety Dashboard reporting tool the will of employees to report will increase. This gives you more insight into your inspections, checks, audits and safety observations. It creates simple dashboards and easily identifies which actions and improvement measures you have implemented. With Safety Dashboard you create one central overview. For Incident management, Audit & Inspection, Risk Analysis, Management of Change, Safety observations, Performance dashboards, Environmental emissions and more.

Monitoring and managing food safety and quality is important and can be time consuming. In order to mitigate risks related to the Food & Food Ingredient industry, companies must have a strategy in place to manage threats to their operations and reputation. This includes regulations related to quality, safety and environmental sustainability. How can companies remain compliant and keep consumers safe? Safety Dashboard offers an integrated EHS & Quality management tool. This helps mitigate industry risks, achieve management systems excellence and enables compliance.

Create overview of all KPIs

Safety Dashboard helps your company ensure safety and quality are inherent throughout all processes within all levels of the supply chain. As a result ISO 9001, 22000, IFS, BRC and HACCP processes – can be managed with Safety Dashboard. The smart dashboarding software tool gives your company an easy overview of all your KPIs. Concerning risk, audits, hygiene checks, improvement actions and inspections.

EHS management software
Your company is always working on employee safety. It is important that unsafe situations can be reported easily, anywhere, anytime. With Safety Dashboard it is very easy to report an incident, make a damage report or a safety observation. When the report is completed, a coordinator will get a notification and one or more actions can be assigned. In this way, the situation is quickly resolved and safety for employees, contractors and citizens is guaranteed. Safety Dashboard will give you a real-time dashboard with one central overview of all actions. Actions from audits, incidents, observations, complaints, risk- and other improvement measures.

Manage international standards

ISO 9001, 14001, VCA and OHSAS 18001 can be managed with Safety Dashboard. Have a look at our EHS blog for interesting customer cases.

EHS management software
Managing Quality, Health, Safety and Environment can be a complex task for a company in storage and transshipment. Besides protecting your employees and your contractors, you must also report on sustainability, environmental issues and meet the requirements of authorities. Safety Dashboard is used by industry leaders in storage and transshipment. Companies use the smart software tool for easy reporting of safety incidents, near misses, environmental, integrity and quality management issues.

Ensure safety and security of your staff

Safety dashboard enables you to mitigate risks, quickly identify hazards and measure and report on Environmental, Health, Safety and sustainability issues. Ensure the safety and security of your staff, assets and properties with the powerful software tool Safety Dashboard.

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