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Risk Management

Risk management software

With the Risk Management software module you engage your employees and involve them in risk analysis. It is not something that should be carried out by your SHE officer because legislation requires it. Do it together. Sit down with a team and discuss unsafe situations and unsafe acts. Build up your risk register. Prioritize. Define measures. You could consider a facilitator. And get things moving.

Risk management software
Risk management software

Allow teams to decide together what needs to be addressed first. Then address it. Make it transparent using the risk register in the Risk Management software module. It works motivating for all involved. Decide on priority by: (1) the degree of risk, (2) employee perception and (3) ease of solution.

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Use the incident management module to see if your risk register is up-to-date. If you have an incident and it cannot be linked to an entry in your risk register, take action! Something is not right. Where is this risk coming from? Why did you miss out on it before?

A risk register is never finished. New equipment comes in, new work procedures introduced, materials change, incidents occur. Keep you risk register up-to-date. Not once a year. Continuously.