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Inspections, observations & audits

Inspection and observation software

With the Safety Dashboard software you can design and structure your own observation and inspection program. Involving employees is the key to success.

There is no commitment without involvement.

Audit tracking software makes it easy to manage your audit programs, to assign tasks to local sites and steer from one global audit register. Control the actions coming from findings and make sure that audit findings are translated into trackable action items. Check the status of an audit, of specific findings, and ensure departments are on track with their actions.

Inspection and observation software
Audit management software

Use a no-name, no blame approach during observations. Focus on what employees do well and ask employees what they can contribute to unsafe behavior (or circumstances). The employees are the experts and are often confronted with barriers that prevent a job from being done safely. Observers must be competent in identifying hazards, and giving and receiving feedback in the right way. If it is done right – with positive feedback and learning as the primary goal – observations in the workplace can be a positive and motivating experience. Schedule a demo and in no time we’ll get you started with the inspection and observation software.

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    Use data from your Safety Dashboard Accident & Incident Manager to determine weaknesses in operational controls, as well as at risk behavioral trends and employee practices. Develop observation programs to address weaknesses. Then monitor and measure improvements using data collected from your Observation & Inspection programs.

    Observation programs are not static. If your program is evolving, your interventions may be ineffective, or you are not focusing on the right areas. As with other safety processes, your observation program should follow the Plan, Do, Check, Act philosophy. As conditional and behavioral weaknesses are improved, your program must continually monitor for effectiveness of interventions and new conditions and work practices that are at-risk. Let our experts help get your safety observation program on the right path.