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Safety Dashboard is a webbased SHEQ management solution made by A-label IT, a Dutch software company based in Houten. With a group of enthusiastic employees, we make a user-friendly, smart software tool that enables your organization to work more safely and efficient. Software for Safety, Health, Environment and Quality management. We believe that safety and success are interrelated. Safety is never a supplement, but rather the basis on which people and processes are built, the key to profitability.

We are passionate about .net application development for business. Our clients world wide appreciate the fact that they do not have to specify exactly what they want to get what they need. Safety Dashoard is developed using Microsoft .net framework technology.

“A-label IT understands what we want. They realize projetcs quickly and professionally. They have built quite a few database driven applications for us that are accepted and used by our users all around the world.” (Michiel Zandbergen – Global IT Manager DSM Neoresins+)

If you would like to see the possibilities of the EHS management dashboard software and get a good feeling of what it could improve for your organization, schedule an online demo or read more on our EHS Blog for customer success stories.

The story about the son of a lockkeeper..

In our home country there is a famous story about a son of a lockkeeper. The story is called The Silver Skates and tells about Hans Brinker, who walks on the Dutch dikes during stormy weather. He notices that the water is higher behind the dike than it should be. Understanding the risk, he decides to go look for the immediate cause. Suddenly he sees a hole in one of the dikes. He recognizes the danger and possible disastrous consequences. When he does not take immediate action the hole will become bigger and bigger and the land will flood, drowning many. The boy plugs the dike with his finger and heroically hangs on until the next morning. He defends his land with his bare hands against the danger of the sea. The Dutch boy from the 19th century is us. Being Dutch from origin, we at Safety Dashboard feel connected to Hans. Noticing risks, taking action, completing inspections, finding causes, stopping hazards of getting out of control. Our safety dashboard is just like the Dutch boy plugging the dike.

EHS management dashboard

Fine and Kinney Risk Score of the hole in the dike. Before plugging the hole with his finger:

Probability (Quite possible)
Exposure (Frequent)
Effect (Multiple fatalities – disaster)
Overview of QESH incidents reporting software

Total risk score: 120 | Substantional risk (P3)

After the direct measure taken of plugging the hole with his finger, Hans lowered the probability of the hole getting bigger and bigger and break the dike:

Probability (Very unlikely)
Exposure (Frequent)
Effect (Multiple fatalities – disaster)
Overview of QESH incidents reporting software

Total risk score: 1440 | Very high risk (P1)

Still a substantial risk remains and somebody needs to help Hans taking more corrective actions!

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