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EHS kpi management dashboards

Make EHS reporting easy. Create clear EHS kpi management dashboards. Safety Dashboard takes the data generated by using the different modules and translates it into easy-to-use graphs and reports. Share these reports. Create transparency on results. Design the right indicators, reports and measures for the right level in the organization. Generate there reports automatically from the reporting process. No more spreadsheets flying around. And people will just love to use it.

EHS kpi management dashboards
Audit tracking software

It is very motivating if the effort people are putting in the registration process rewards them with nice, real-time, clear EHS kpi management dashboards. Safety Dashboard does that. You can see results immediately. No difficult tooling required. It is there. On the screen. In nice looking graphs that can go straight into your management communication reports. No more monthly struggles to generate management reports. Want to know more about the possibilities? Subscribe to our EHS blog or follow the Safety Dashboard company page on LinkedIn.

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Numbers can be scary. “We doubled the number of accidents!?” Where in fact last year there was one accident during one million worked hours and now there are two; most likely a random fluctuation. Always use your numbers in the context they are created in. Use your results from the dashboard to proof that your safety program is working and where you need to take action.

Use the dashboard overviews to evaluate and validate your programs. Create boardroom key performance indicators as well as reports that can be used at operator level. Use it to fine tune your plans and focus areas. And the dashboard change with the alterations you make yourself to the reporting process.