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Action Tracking

Action tracking

The Action tracking module provides you one place for corrective action planning and monitoring. No more spreadsheets or action lists buried in meeting minutes. Register and monitor all improvement measures here. Create a clear SHE corrective action plan and streamline this key PDCA element across your safety and management systems. The Action tracking module allows transparency and accountability. It is also a valuable reinforcement and empowerment tool providing a visual feedback loop to employees. Employees are able to see change and improvement due to their efforts.

Action tracking
Audit tracking software

Many of the things we find can be solved by local teams themselves, so there is no need for heavy reporting flows. No need to analyze them deeply. Just fix them. The action module comes in handy here. Change your safety culture so that your employees notice, report and fix things themselves.

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    Keeping track of your continuous improvement and CAPA efforts in one place will be especially useful during corporate and third party audits, as well as program review and planning activities. Action Manager offers user-friendly report generation such as Action Status and On-Time Percentages that can be filtered by site, department or individual. Be careful though! On-time action closure does not necessarily equal improvement. Our experts can help you develop KPIs that drive effective, sustainable improvement measures.

    Breathe new life into your continuous improvement cycle with the right tool for the job. Safety Dashboard provides a web-based vehicle that drives focus toward solutions versus action closure alone. It provides a workflow approach to action management removes the risk of missing identified hazards due to multiple and off-the-radar action lists. Action Manager will tell you how well you are driving improvement and addressing and controlling hazards. Are actions being closed on time? Why not? Are you creating too many actions? Do you have realistic deadlines? Do people really understand how they should be involved?