We believe that Safety and Success are interrelated. Safety is never a supplement, but rather the foundation on which to build people and processes, the keys to profitability. We recognize that organizations accept this principle yet can be challenged when quantifying its true value. We strive to help organizations with this vital piece by providing an on-time mechanism that reveals actionable performance opportunities across your safety programs.

Encourage a friendlier workplace

“Psychology tells us two of the most basic human needs are affinity and affiliation: the need to believe in something and to belong to something."
Terry L. Mathis, CEO ProAct Safety

There is a lot at stake. Accidents can cause pain and heartache that cannot be reversed. There is also the significant and non-refundable cost of time, money and reputation. The good news is that accidents are preventable.

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Empower by Involving the Stakeholder

“A man is what he thinks about all day long.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The power of Safety Dashboard lies in the fact that it involves the real experts on safety--your employees! Employees are in the trenches of day to day operations. They know that the balance between operating safely and getting the job done can be difficult. They are the ones who know when a machine, process or tool becomes a hazard...

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Evolve to Excellence by learning from your data

“Big data is not about data.”
Gary King, Harvard University

The Safety Dashboard platform is designed and intended for use by all employees in your organization —your stakeholders! In addition to a system for registering incidents, actions,
observations and inspections, Safety Dashboard feeds collected data back to your organization via on-time visual reports and dashboards—designed to make sense to all employees...

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Safety Dashboard Software


Safety Dashboard is an affordable, easy to use web-based solution designed to assist organizations in both leading and lagging performance monitoring. Our solution offers a winning and systematic approach in the identification and abatement of hazards and warning signs in a way that incorporates the critical element of effective root cause analysis.  Our brand  represents the importance of clear goals and the removal of barriers as drivers for safety excellence.  Our solution is used by organizations working with dangerous goods or machines (1), (2) by companies in which a security incident brings about heavy damage to reputation, or (3) at private care organizations with their own safety agenda.

Use Safety Dashboard to support your middle management with a powerful tool to engage their production supervisors. Kill information politics and boost participation.


Change the safety culture to a basic attitude of encouragement. Recognize what employees contribute and reward it.

Evidence based

Measure what you are doing without spending hours and hours behind your computer. Use reports to show management your safety program works.


Use Safety Dashboard to initiate change continuously. Move from one target hazard to the next. Make changes to the system along the way. Keep the best fit, always.

Safety Dashboard customers


What our customers say about us  

  • The dashboards are so powerful. Teams use the platform in their day-to-day work and from that, automatically, the reports are created. No Excel spreadsheets flying around. It is just there!

    J. Reijnen


  • Great. Finally a tool that works
  • With the Safety Dashboard platform our employees have an immediate vehicle for documenting and communicating unsafe conditions and barriers as they are identified during the day to day work flow.   Information that workers submit feeds to a workflow for immediate assignment and action by a designated Gatekeeper and also filters to real-time KPI dashboards that are visible to all employees...
  • We just want a safer plant, but I was mainly spending all my time on corrective actions following incidents. Now I am working more and more on prevention.

    EHS Manager